11. Aquarius Horoscope – Kumbh Rashi

Aquarius – Kumbh Rashi

Ruling Planet – Saturn / Sani. A suitable name for Aquarius begins with syllables: Gu, Goo, Ghu, Gey, Gay, Ghe, Go, Gau, Gho, Sa, Sha, Si, See, Shi, Shee, Su, so, Shu, Shoo, Say, Shaa, So, Sho, Da

Nakshatra – the last two charans of Dhanishta, the complete Shatbhisha and the first three charans of Nakshatra Poorvabhadrapada

Character and Personality

Aquarius is a lover of personal freedom. They are emotional and cannot see the difficulties of others. They are affected by headaches, indigestion, and stomach upsets. They are theists and believe in religious values. They are attached to their partners. They are not prejudiced, forthright, tolerant, intelligent, practical, intuitive, and imaginative. They inherit property but face litigation, sometimes disputes in the inheritance process.

They are definitely not the kind of people who will stab others in the back and work against friends. According to their words and feelings, they are not only sincere in front of a person but even when he is not around. It is humanitarian in nature and somewhat rebellious as well. The symbol is the water carrier. On the one hand, they are people who always give, who put social over personal. The compassionate water offered washes away the hatred in the heart, especially about equality and justice. Their weakness is the insensitivity they show to personal relationships as you often take for granted.

Career – Aquarius

Since Aquarius individuals have brilliant and innovative minds, they can become physicists, researchers, mathematicians, etc. They can also work well in areas that require originality and creativity such as writing, composing music, theater, film direction, and production, etc.

The day and color of luck

Lucky days Thursday, Friday, and Tuesday. Yellow, Red, and White lucky colors. Lucky numbers 3, 9, 2 & 7. Recommended gemstones: Diamonds, Yellow Sapphires, and Ruby.

Source; VedicFeed