3. Gemini Horoscope – Mithun Rahsi

Gemini Zodiac sign – Mithun Rashi

Ruling Planet: Mercury/ Budh. A suitable name for Gemini begins with a syllable; Ka, Ca, Ki, Ke, Ku, Cu, Koo, Coo, Gha, Yan, Cha, Chh, Kay, Kew, Ko, co, Ha

Nakshatra: the last two charans of Mrigshira;  Ardra is full and the first three charans of Punarvasu.

Character and Personality

Effective personality, which describes intelligence, wisdom, and human nature. Their nature is versatile, imaginative, fun, thoughtful, and adaptable. generally soft-spoken, with good oration powers. They are educated people with good language mastery. They work fast. They develop their logic in conversation, conversation. They love change and have foresight. Usually, they are grumpy but quite easily calm. They can work consistently without feeling tired, which is bad for your health.

Mercury is the fastest of all the planets, which gives you a restless personality. Mercury's travel speed can be attributed to the endless speed of your mind. It allows you to speak wisely and listen patiently, but not act with confidence. Gemini is an air sign, so there's a strange quality about you.Air keeps changing momentum, and it explains your personality, moodiness, and change that can change. A shaky personality makes it difficult for people to trust you.Your adaptation quickly turns into inconsistencies due to duality in nature. You tend to talk about your feelings rather than actually feeling them. This makes your communication a little shallow.

Career – Gemini

Geminis will do their best when they choose career options involving PR, media, writing, orating, debate, consulting, networking, language teaching, etc. And anything that revolves around language, cognition, and thinking.

Since Gemini individuals are many personalities and many minds in one body and can think from many angles at the same time, they can also be great lawyers, stage actors, theater artists, artists, and directors.

Geminis have a curious and sharp mind. They also tend to perform well in professions that involve research and discovery.

The day and color of luck

Lucky days Wednesday and Thursday. The colors of luck are Yellow and Green. The lucky numbers are 5 & 3. Recommended gemstones: Emerald and Yellow sapphire.