4. Cancer Horoscope – Karka Rashi

Cancer Zodiac – Karka Rashi

Ruling Planet – Moon / Chandra. Suitable names for Cancer start with Hi, He, Hu, Hoo, Hey, Hay, Ho, Hau, Da, Dha, Di, Dee, Dhe, Du, Doo, Dhu, De, Day, Dha, Do, Dho

Nakshatra – the last charans of Punarvasu, Pushya are full, and Aashlesha Nakshatras is full.

Character and personality

Character and Personality of 'Child' Moon with an inherent desire to 'be a parent' all over the world, Sensitive, conservative.They are introverts.They love the occult.They are sympathetic, energetic, and imaginative.They usually live outside their place of origin.Water lovers.They love the natural scenery.They love traveling and roaming.They are not afraid and somewhat rude in conversation but frankly.They make quick profits from their company.They also acquired heritage property.They love luxury in life and are usually righteous people.

A strong mental ability to carry mass. Sympathetic, to the point of being too sensitive.As a result, they are irritable.On the plus side, you also have some magnetic qualities that help you increase your charisma and a higher level of fame.Its intuitive abilities are also out of the ordinary, so you know when someone is in pain and needs to be entertained.

Cancer's weaknesses relate to where they lived in the past.One foot you're stuck in the past, so it tends to carry memories with you forever, good or bad.You can be attached and needy in a relationship because you give so much and expect the same level of affection and love in return.

Career –  Cancer

Cancer careers can be successful in trades and purchases involving large amounts of cash transactions.Their love of beautiful home spaces can make them thrive in the real estate, interior design, and décor industries.Safe, stable, and highly paid careers such as banking, accounting, engineering, etc. It is also good for the natives of Cancer.

Cancerians even love to see food, and therefore, they can find happiness in being a chef, managing hotels, and restaurants, or anything related to the food industry.

Cancer can do well in areas involving a number of social work, child welfare, and pet care.

The day and color of luck

Lucky day Monday & Sunday. Lucky colors White, Cream, Red, and Yellow. Lucky numbers 2,7 and 9. Recommended gemstones: Pearls and Ruby.