7. Libra / Tula Rashi Horoscope

Libra / Tula Rashi Zodiac

Ruling Planet – Venus / Shukra. A suitable name for Libra begins with syllables: Ra, Rha, Ri, Ree, Rhi, Ru, Roo, Rhu, Rey, Ray, Rhe, Ro, Rau, Rho, Rhau, Ta, Tii, Tee, Thee, Thii, Tu, Thu, Tho, Te, The, Tay

Nakshatra: The last two charans from Chitra, Swati and three charans from Vishakha Nakshatras.

Character and Personality

They are logical by their nature and dominated by balance and harmony.They are sensitive, curious, willed – principled, gentle, critical, good in perception, but intolerant.Attractive and easy to get along with the people around is their outstanding quality.They are godly and spiritual.They have a useful imagination and intellectual capacity that manages to win hearts. Good at finding a middle ground, often known as a problem solver.

Venus being your ruling planet gives you a sense of aesthetics and an eye for beauty.Creativity, artwork, and the ideal concept of love, all appeal to your imagination.They are peacemakers, who initiate solutions to problems that no one has ever thought of.The power of initiation is realized by communication.

On the negative side, they are chatty and may have negative thoughts and often lead to strong depression.Their biggest weakness is the tendency to procrastinate, retreat, and escape rather than face situations that make them look unreliable.

Career – Libra

Libra can work well in fields related to art, philosophy, literature, publishing, music, etc. Because Libras can see both sides of the situation like no other and love good debate and good argument, they can do well in politics, service, law, and justice.Their love of order and beauty can put them in areas like interior design and decoration.Libra can work very well in partnerships and business associations.

The day and color of luck

Lucky days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Saturday. Lucky colors: White, Red & Orange. Lucky numbers: 1, 2, 4, and 7. Recommended gemstones: Blue Sapphire and Diamond.

Source; VedicFeed