8. Scorpio Horoscope – Vrischik Rashi

Scorpio Zodiac – Vrischik Rashi

The ruling planet – Mars/Mangal. A suitable name for Scorpio begins with the syllables: o, Tho , Na, Nau , Ni, Nee , Nu, Noo , Ne, Nay , No, Nau , Yes , Yi, Yee , Yu, Yoo

Nakshatra – Vishakha's last charan, Full Anuradha, and Jyeshta Nakshatra

Character and Personality

People with this sign are trustworthy, honest, honest, and sincere.They are grumpy, confident, and brave people.They are cruel and don't care about the consequences in fights and trivial matters.They sometimes put their health at risk due to addiction.They used harsh and straightforward language in their speeches.

They do and get their work done fairly quickly but their nature annoys others.They talk less but believe more in action.They are educated, intelligent, and help others and do social work.They believe in religion.They're repellents of the opposite sex.The early stages of their lives are usually characterized by difficulties, but their destiny is formed between the ages of 32-35 years.

You can keep your plans and feelings a secret because you are a sign of privacy.A sense of intensity drives your actions, be it love or hate, you touch extremes.The greatest strength is the magnetic personality because that's what makes the head turn.However, their biggest weakness is the tendency to be a planner, driven by manipulation and jealousy rather than a determination to face challenges head-on.

Career – Scorpio

With their keen intuition, memory, and intelligence, Scorpio can work well as detectives, police, researchers, scientists, journalists, etc. Or in other areas that require truth disclosure and mystery solving. Because they have a deep understanding of human nature and stupidity, they can find success in areas such as psychiatry and psychology as well.

The day and color of luck

Lucky days Tuesday, Saturday, and Friday. Blue lucky color. Lucky numbers 9, 8 and 6. Recommended gemstones; Red coral, Ruby, and Yellow Sapphire.

Source; VedicFeed