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Puja Trisandhya: Significance Meaning and Purpose

Puja Trisandhya

Puja Trisandhya is a worship ritual or prayer in Hinduism, especially Hindus in Bali and Hindus in Indonesia in general. Trisandhya Puja is performed 3 (three) times a day, namely; morning, afternoon and evening. after the trisandhya puja then continued with the Kramaning puja . The first stanza of the trisandhya puja comes from the Gayatri Mantram contained in the Vedic scriptures.

The meaning and purpose of the TriSandhyā Puja

Definition of Trisandhya

The word Puja TriSandhya comes from Sanskrit. Which consists of the word ” Puja ” means respect, worship, worship or worship, “Tri” means three and ” Sandhya ” means the alternation, meeting or union of time. So Puja Trisandhya means Worship or Worship at three meetings/changes of time.

The alternation of time between night and morning is called Prātaḥsandhyā (around 6 am),
The alternation of time between the first and second half of the day or noon is called Madhyāhna Sandhyā (12 noon)
The confluence of time between day and night is called Sāyaṃ sandhyā (around 6 pm).

Puja Trisandhya

Best time for Puja Trisandhya

Trisandhya Puja is a ritual of puja or worship at the 3 meetings of Time. The best times to perform the Trisandhya Puja are as follows:

Tri Sandya Puja in the morning (at sunrise) is often called “Brahma Muhurta” aims to strengthen “Una Sattvam” to live life from morning to noon.

Trisandhya Puja in the afternoon (before 12 o’clock) aims to control the “Guna Rajas” so that all actions and actions do not lead to negative things.
The Trisandhya Puja in the afternoon (before sunset) aims to control the “Guna Tamas” i.e., stupid and lazy qualities.

Meaning and purpose

Based on the meaning of the Trisandhya mantra we can conclude that the meaning of the Trisandhya Puja is:

  • Believing with sincerity and acknowledging the existence of the Almighty in its various manifestations.
  • Seek protection, safety and forgiveness of sins before Ida Sanghyang Widi Wasa.
  • Give yourself to God with full sincerity.

If you look at the type of mantra used, the Trisandhya puja mantra can be categorized as stotram (songs or prayers of praise to God that are not bound by the Vedic rules). in the Vedic book which is then arranged into one whole mantra. –Narendra Dev Pandit Shastri was a team compiling Trisandhya puja mantras in the 1950s. Source:

Self-cleaning and infrastructure puja trisandha

If water is available (clean water from
the house, not water), rinse your mouth while chanting a mantra in your heart:

” Om Ang waktra parisuddmàm swàha “
or shorter ” Om waktra suddhaya namah “

Meaning: Yes, God purify my mouth.

If incense is available, hold the incense that
has been lit with the amusti attitude, i.e. the hands are clasped together, both thumbs pinch the base of the incense pressed by the index finger of the right hand, and say the mantra:

“ Om Am dhupa dipàstraya namah swàha “

Meaning: Yes, God/Brahma, sharpen
the flame of my incense so that I am pure like Your light.

Asana attitude

Asana’s attitude is to sit quietly and concentrate. Perform the Asana posture and after the atmosphere has calmed down chant this mantra:

“Om prasada sthiti sarira siwa suci-nirmalàya namah swàha”

Meaning: O God, in the form of Hyang
Shiva, Your servant has sat calm, pure and without blemish.

In the Asana stance proceed to Pranayama:


Prana means breath, energy and yama means length or length. Pranayama is the attitude of controlling the breath.

  • Breathe in ( Puraka ) say in your heart – ” Om Ang namah ” which means : O Lord , I worship You as the creator and source of all power , grant me inner strength .
  • Holding one’s breath ( Kumbhaka ) – ” Om Ung namah ” which means : O Lord , I worship You as the preserver and source of life , grant me peace of mind
  • Exhale ( Recaka ) – ” Om Mang namah ” means: O God, I worship You as the melter of all that is useless in life, grant me inner perfection.


Karasodhana (karasudhana) is the stage to purify the mind before performing prayers. If water is available, wash your hands with water, if not, take a flower and rub it on your hands. Then place your right palm up on top of your left hand and say the mantra:

” Om suddha màm swàha “

Meaning: O Lord, clean my hand
(it can also mean to
clean my right hand).

Then, the position of the hands behind. Now raise your left hand over your right hand and say the mantra:

” Om ati suddha màm swàha “

Meaning: O Lord, the servant’s hands should be cleaned more
(it can also be interpreted to clean the left hand)

After that, do the Trisandya puja.
If performing the worship alone and do not memorize the entire puja,
just say the first stanza (Gayatri Mantram) repeated three times.

Puja Trisandhya verse 1 – 6

The Puja Trisandhya Mantra below uses the spelling of the letter “v” which is read closer to the letter “w”. Lines/marks above letters, read longer. The beginning of the mantram “Om” can be said three times, it can also be once as the text below:

Puja Trisandhya verse 1
Om bhùr bhvah svah tat
savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yo nah prakodayàt

O God, who rules these three worlds, the Most Holy and the source of all life, grant the servant the ray of enlightenment with Your Most Holy light.

Puja Trisandhya verse 2
Om Nàryana evedam sarvam
yad bhùtam yac ca bhavyam
niskalanko nirañjano nirvikalpo
niràkhyàtah suddo deva eko
Nàràyano na dvitìyo’sti kascit

O God, I worship You as Narayana the creator of the universe and its contents, You are Mahagaib, intangible, and infinite by time, able to overcome all confusion, You are Holy, Mahaesa, and unique, and adored by all beings

Puja Trisandhya verse 3
Om tvam sivah tvam mahàdevah
svarah paramesvarah
brahmà visnusca rudrasca
purusah parikìrtitah

O Lord, You are worshipers in Your holy and holy light as Shiva, Mahadeva, Isvara, Paramesvara, Brahma, Vishnu, and also Rudra, because You are the source of all that exists.

Puja Trisandhya verse 4
Om pàpo’ham pàpakarmàham
pàpàtmà pàpasambhavah
tràhi màm pundarìkàksa
sabàhyàbhyàntarah sucih

O God, this servant is full of perseverance, my deeds are full of perseverance, my soul and my birth are full of perseverance, only You can save me from that perseverance, may the inner birth of Your servant be purified.

Puja Trisandhya verse 5
Om ksamasva màm mahàdeva
sarvapràni hitankara
màm moca sarva pàpebyah
pàlayasva sadà siva

O God, forgive me, O giver of salvation to all beings, forgive me from all sins, and bestow protection on me.

Puja Trisandhya verse 6
Om ksàntavyah kàyiko dosah
ksàntavyo vàciko mama
ksàntavyo mànaso dosah
tat pramàdàt ksamasva màm

O Lord, forgive all my sins, whether they come from my actions, words, and thoughts, or from all my mistakes

Om santi, santi, santi, Om

O Lord, may there be peace in the heart, in the world, and all peace forever by Your grace.

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