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17 Hindu prayers that are mandatory and important to know

Daily 17 Hindu prayer

17 Hindu prayer – As a Hindu, it is mandatory to know what prayers or pujas should be done every day. There are some of the most important Hindu pujas/prayers to be performed every day. The following is a list of 17 daily Hindu puja / prayer.

List of 17 Hindu prayer important to know

Puja Trisandhya

What is Puja Trisandhya? The word Pūjā TriSandhyā comes from Sanskrit. Which consists of the word “pjā” which means reverence, worship, worship or worship. “Tri” means three and “Sandhyā” means the alternation, meeting or union of time. The alternation of time between night and morning is called Prātaḥsandhyā (6 am), the alternation of time between the first and second half of the day or noon is called Madhyāhna Sandhyā (12 noon) and the confluence of time between day and night is called Sāyaṃ sandhyā (6 pm). So Puja Trisandhya means Worship or Worship at three meetings/changes of time.

Puja Trisandhya is a prayer ritual for Hindus, especially in Indonesia. The Puja (Tri)sandhya ritual is also performed by Hindus in India but they call it the term “Sandhyā Pūjā” the prayer or mantra used is also different from the “Pūjā TriSandhyā” ritual carried out by Hinduism in Indonesia.

The complete Mantra of Puja Trisandhya can be seen on the page: Puja Trisandhya. See other Hindu prayers below.

Prayer before bed

“ OM asato ma sat ganaya, tamaso ma jayatir ganaya,

Meaning: O Lord, guide me from the wrong path to the right path, from the dark path to the light path, save me from death to
eternal life.

Morning wake up prayer

“Om utedanim bhagavantah syamota prapitwa uta mandhye ahnam utodita maghawantasuryasya

mayam dewanam sumantau syama.”

Meaning: O God, the Most Merciful, make the servant of the one who is always fortunate
on this day, by noon, and so on.
May the Gods protect me.

17 hindu prayer

Prayer to clean/wash your face

“OM cam camaniya namah swaha.
OM waktra parisudahaya namah swaha.”

Meaning: O Lord, I worship You, may my face
be clean.

Prayer for brushing/cleaning teeth

“Om rahphat astraya namah. Om Sri Dewi Bhatrimsa yogini namah.”

Meaning: O God, I prostrate to Goddess Sri, Bhatari Yogini,
may my teeth be clean.

Gargling prayer

“Om Ang waktra parisudhamam swaha.”

Meaning: O God, may my mouth be clean

Prayer to clean feet

“Om Am kham Khasolkhaya Iswaraya Namah Swaha.”

Meaning: O Lord, may my feet be clean.

Bath prayer

“OM gangga amrta sarira sudhamam swaha. OM sarira parisudhamam swaha. ”

Meaning: O Lord, You are the source of eternal and holy life, may my body be clean and holy.

Prayer before eating

“OM anugraha amrtadi sanjiwani ya namah swaha.”

Meaning: O Lord, may this food be
the lifeblood of a pure spiritual and physical servant.

Prayer after eating
“Om Dhirgayur astu, awighnamastu, subham astu
Om Sriyam bhawantu, sukham bhawantu, purnam bhawantu,
ksama sampurnaya namah swaha.”

“Om Santih, Santih, Santih Om”

Meaning: O Lord, may the food that has entered
the servant’s body give strength and safety, long life and not get anything.

O Lord, may you have peace,
peace in your heart, peace in the world,
peace forever.

Prayer before starting activities/work

“Om Awighnam astu namo sidham. Om sidhirastu tad astu swaha. ”

Meaning: O Lord, hopefully by Your grace, there will be no
obstacle for me to start this work and I hope it will be successful.

Prayer finished work / grateful

“Om Dewa Suksma parama acintyaya namah swaha, Sarwa karya prasidhantam”

“Om Santih, Santih, Santih, Om”

Meaning: O God in the form of Parama Acintya who is magical and masterpiece, only by Your grace did this work work well.

May peace, peace in the heart, peace in the world, peace forever.

Pray for God’s guidance

Om Asato mà sadyamaya tamaso mà jyotir gamaya mrtyor mà amrtam gamaya.
Om agne brahma grbhniswa dharunama syanta riksam drdvamha brahmawanitwa ksatrawani sajata wanyu dadhami bhratrwyasya wadhyàya.

Most Holy God, guide my servant from the wrong to the right. Guide the servant from the darkness of the mind to the light of bright knowledge. Release the servant from death to eternal life.

Most Holy God, accept the praise that I offer through the Vedic mantra and develop my spiritual knowledge so that I can destroy the enemy that is in me (lust). I realize that You are in every human being (jiwatman), helping educated people, state leaders and officials. I adore You, may you bestow the gift of strength on me.

Prayer for inspiration

Om prano Dewi Saraswati wàjebhir wàjiniwati dhinam awiñyawantu.

O God in the manifestation of Goddess Saraswati, Hyang the Great and the Almighty, may You radiate spiritual strength, intelligence of mind, and protect me forever.

Prayer asking to be blessed with intelligence and purity

Om pàwakànah Saraswati wàjebhir wàjiniwati yajñam wastu dhiyàwasuh.

Oh God as a manifestation of Goddess Saraswati. The Holy One, grant the servant intelligence. And accept this servant’s offering.

Prayers start learning

Om purwe jato brahmano brahmacari dharmam wasànas tapasodatistat tasmajjatam brahmanam brahma Iyestham dewasca sarwe amrttna sàkama.

O God, Your disciple is present before You, Oh Brahman who is shrouded in magic and stands first. God, grant me knowledge and a clear mind. Great Brahman, every being can only shine thanks to Your light that always shines.

Prayer for forgiveness in all sins

Om dewakrtasyainaso awaya janam asi manusyakrtasi nama awaya janam asi pitra krtasi namo awaya janam asyatma

O God, forgive my sins against You, forgive my sins against fellow human beings, against my parents, against my friends, God forgive my sins against all kinds of sins, against sins that I commit consciously or unconsciously. God, may you be pleased to forgive all that.

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