Catur Guru: 4 Teachers to be respected

Catur guru

Catur Guru bhakti

Catur Guru is one of the living philosophies of the Hindu community in Bali whose values have been passed down through generations from generation to generation. The four parts of Guru. Are from Guru Swadyaya (God), Guru Rupaka (parents), Guru Pangajian (teacher in school) and Guru Wisesa (government).

Hindu literature includes books that tell stories of heroism and contain teachings about noble values, morals, ethics, and ways of life that are still highly respected by hindu society.

There are many Hindu literatures that contain the teachings of Catur Guru, including the Mahabharata, the book of Nitisastra, the book of Upanisad, the book of Bhagawadgita, etc.

Understanding “Catur Guru”

Catur means four and Guru means Teacher or guide, so “Catur Guru” can be interpreted as four teachers who have a very heavy task in guiding the people to realize harmony, harmony and balance in Hindu society, not apart from discipline in each of our daily behavior more towards the four Masters. Bhakti to the four teachers is an obligation. In the ethics or ethics of Hinduism, mentioned chess teachers are those that we must respect.

Catur Guru Parts

chess teacher

Guru Swadyaya

Guru Swadyaya is also called a true teacher. He is named a true teacher because he is Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. Declared a teacher because God is the ultimate guide to the incomparable mankind. He is Omniscient, he is also Omnipotent, and Omnipotent. Therefore, as human beings we need to manifest our devotion to God earnestly and sincerely. Always grateful for His gift

Guru Rupaka

Guru Rupaka or Guru Reka is our parents or Father’s Mother at home, as the first to provide education to us. Man’s growth and development is thanks to the education and upbringing of his parents. Therefore, children should respect their parents.

“Guru pengajian” Study Teacher

Teacher of study or Guru Waktra is a teacher who provides education and teaching to us in school. Teachers in schools provide knowledge to their students, so that students become clever and avoid ignorance so that they are free from suffering. That’s why students should respect and respect their teachers.

Guru Wisesa

Guru Wisesa is the Government. It is called the wisesa because it is the Master who rules, serves, creates peace and welfare of the community.


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